The alkus® success story Development of the alkus® solid plastic panel since 1980

Development of the alkus® solid plastic panel

alkus® has been focussing on the problems and disadvantages of timber products in the construction industry since the 1980s. The lifespan of timber-based formwork panels, in particular, is reduced considerably due to external mechanical loads and the impact of water, chemicals, stress and temperature. Construction companies obviously face higher costs and delays due to the abrasive wear and necessary replacement of conventional formwork panels. Moreover, it also results in a large amount of hazardous waste, as the treated timber falls into this category.

From the very start, alkus® aim was to discover a product which could match the performance of traditional timber panels, but without the well-known problems. Therefore, the product had to boast the following properties:


  • Ability to maintain its stability and rigidity throughout its service life
  • Offer resistance to moisture, acids, alkalis, chemicals, concrete additives
  • Deliver consistent surface quality and allow repairs to be carried out in case of mechanical damage
  • Ensure high weather und UV resistance
  • Demonstrate environmental compatibility

Surprising result

alkus® solid plastic panels are the result of extensive research and development carried out by alkus® GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffverbundsysteme: a plastic sandwich panel with a foamed plastic core and plastic coating on both sides, as well as aluminium or fibre glass reinforcement. The panels combined all the required properties, but also offered advantages in terms of their ability to be formed and repaired without any loss of quality.

alkus® solid plastic panels were ready for full market launch in 2000 and have since proved invaluable in every situation where formwork panels are required – from traditional ceiling and wall formwork to special formwork systems, from simple house construction to tunnel and underground engineering.

About alkus® AG

Founded in 1999, alkus® AG is a trading company and service provider based in Vaduz/Liechtenstein. alkus® AG markets alkus® solid plastic panels and offers its customers technical support.

alkus® solid plastic panels are principally used as formwork panels in the construction industry where they are the product of choice due to their advantages over plywood panels and various other plastic panels. However, they have also proven successful in other industries due to their innovative technology and design: in particular for tunnel construction and special formwork systems as well as the construction of precast concrete units.

Naturally, alkus® solid plastic panels can be used in various other application areas. Their stability, water resistance and flexibility offer numerous opportunities.

The alkus® team

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