alkus® are available in two types

alkus® AL

Thanks to its excellent flexural strength, alkus® AL, made from aluminium reinforced polypropylene, is typically used for wall formwork and special structural elements.

alkus® GM

alkus® GM, made from fibre reinforced polypropylene, is typically used as form lining for slab formwork, circular formwork and special structural elements.

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alkus® - certified quality management

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alkus® vs. plywood

alkus® solid plastic planels provide consistent quality over years – guaranteed.

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Panel thickness

alkus® provides panel thicknesses for each application. The available panel thicknesses and further information can be found in the technical data.

Panel size

Thanks to the continuous production process and the fact that alkus® panels are weldable, alkus® solid plastic panels can, in contrast to timber and other plastic panels, be supplied in any size and shape to meet requirements.

alkus® for various applications From formwork manufacturers, to precast plants up to architects

Office and commercial building Tic Tric Trac

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Housing complex in Helsinki

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Vacuum angle clamping device

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600 instead of 25 uses

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Replacement bridge on the A30 motorway spanning the A1 motorway at junction Lotte/Osnabrück

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Office complex near Kempten im Allgäu

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